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Starting an Online Business During the Coronavirus with WordPress

Sitting at home thinking about that online business you’ve always wanted to start? Is your brick and mortar business inventory gathering dust because you put off going online? Does your website make you wince but you don’t know how to fix it? Now is a great time to get started on your web-based business or to improve what you have. 

You have the time and ideas, WordPress is set up to get eCommerce business up and going. Get your online business started today with WordPress’ web design, hosting and marketing capabilities.   

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web publishing program that is great for blogs, membership websites, businesses, and eCommerce stores. There are two different versions of WordPress. One is This is completely free. If you are publishing a website, you will need to provide a domain name and a web hosting site. The other is This site offers annual subscriptions. Both sites are used by some very big business names. 

Both sites are equally powerful and offer many of the same features until you get to the two top tiers of The biggest difference is that you have to put in a bit more effort to get running and to keep updates and backups current. However, the savings in your website cost for that bit of effort are substantial.

If tech stuff is what has held you back, there are also designers, like me, who can help you get up and running. 

How Can WordPress Help My Business?

The WordPress themes (the way the webpage looks) are designed by professionals to fit different needs, such as long columns, high res graphics, payment options, and so forth. You pick the theme that fits your needs and showcases your business. 

If you want something a little more unique, try the premium theme option on or code your own unique themes on You can upgrade or change themes at a later date. Regardless, all WordPress themes are professional-looking, crisp, and generally customizable.

WordPress offers options to build an audience and better market your product. Use add-ons like IFTTT to automatically update your posts to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.  You also have the option of placing ads on Google Adsense and similar advertising venues. 

Looking professional and advertising your business are some of the most important tools to grow an online business.

A sloppy site that malfunctions and is full of misspellings won’t inspire people to buy. And you may have the perfect mouse trap, but if no one knows about it, you’ll never make sales.

What Type of Businesses Work Well on WordPress?

WordPress is such an effective website publishing program that it is home to famous companies. Maybe yours isn’t quite as famous (yet), but if big names like Mercedes-Benz use WordPress, you can as well! Many of these companies use the site, not

Types of companies on WordPress

  • Combination of free content and subscription content like the Chicago Sun Times
  • Streaming services like AMC
  • Musicians like Beyonce and athletes like Usian Bolt
  • Universities 
  • Blogs about gaming (PlayStation) or other entertainment (Walt Disney Company)
  • Tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft News Center 

If you want to start up a subscription based personal trainer site or offer subscription based courses in your profession or passion, WordPress is a terrific option. 

Sell your crafts or fine art easily without paying for entry onto Etsy or through eBay. 

Write a blog and spread your wisdom through the internet. 

It’s fast and easy to start if you are fairly tech savvy. 

How Easy is It to Set Up a WordPress Website? is free but offers the customization and flexibility to build your perfect website. Your website will be named <mywebsitename>.com.

The steps are straightforward.

  1. Find a website hosting site and install through the cPanel app installer
  2. Choose a domain name and SSL
  3. Pick the proper theme from WordPress or build your own
  4. Start a front page
  5. Set up content pages and posts pages
  6. Upload your own plug ins
  7. Set up your distribution warehouse or room in your home
  8. Build an audience
  9. Analyze your web marketing results using any analytics tools offers four different pricing options. The least expensive is mainly for blogs or simple websites. The next four offer more services including advanced customization, security, SEO tools, chats, domains, custom CSS, and more. The highest tier is for eCommerce websites with all the power and security you need to conduct sales and data transfers worldwide. Your website will be named <mywebsitename>

The steps are straightforward.

  1. Create an account through
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Choose a domain name and SSL
  4. Pick the proper theme from WordPress, no customization allowed at lower tiers
  5. Start a front page
  6. Set up content pages and posts pages
  7. Use only certain plug in options
  8. Set up your distribution warehouse or room in your home
  9. Build an audience
  10. Analyze web marketing results using only’s analytic tools

As you can see, free is actually better and more powerful!

If all that makes your head spin, give me a call, text, or drop me an email. I will help you set up your business dream website using WordPress and advise you on all the options that fit your budget and your goals. 

How Can it Help During the Pandemic?

Money is tight. We may be social distancing for many months or may have to return to it in the fall and winter. Many businesses and employees are suffering. If you have an idea and want to get started on an internet based business or you want to offer customers the opportunity to buy stock currently in your brick and mortar store, now is the time. It is also a great time to revamp your existing website to make it a more effective selling tool and to bring in new customers.

You can improve your financial situation and give people needed goods and services through the web. 

Sounds Good But You Need Help? 

I offer a one stop shop for all your web design needs — graphic design, logos, Photoshop and optimizing, hosting and domains, and digital marketing. I can even code your website and personalize the theme, just for your use. 

No matter what your website needs are, I can create or redesign and manage yours to your specifications. I am comfortable working with everyone from the CEO of an existing company to the dreamer; and with people who have no  web design skills all the way to professional development teams. I can work with you on your level and help you understand your website and how to maximize it for sales and growth.  

I have spent more than 20 years designing websites for startup companies and design agencies and have recently acquired 10 years of digital marketing experience. Combine that with my graphic design talent and you do not need to work with multiple people or agencies. Your website will be in one set of capable hands instead of a multitude of people who may not understand your vision. 

My education includes a degree in Computer Graphic Design and several certificates in Front End Web Development. I learned digital marketing on the job and now manage marketing for a very large financial corporation with a strong online presence. 

Contact me with your vision for your new company or to get your current company quickly and reasonably online.

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