San Diego Website Design and Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

If your small business is in the San Diego area and you need a professional web presence to attract more customers to your online business, I am a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. I can design, maintain, and update your WordPress website and can also provide digital marketing and analytical services.

I work with people to create attractive, streamlined, interactive, and well thought out websites that will bring customers and clients to YOUR small business. 

I am also able to work with clients all over the US and the world to create websites, landing pages, marketing campaigns, and business plans. 

Web Design Agencies and Freelancers in California

California and San Diego is home to many web design agencies and freelancers. It’s great because every business needs a good website or eCommerce shop. However, there is a lot more to good web page design than just looks. If your website is not reaching your market or it won’t easily allow for sales and service, your website might actually be holding you back.

If you’re searching for website design and digital marketing, I have the practical knowledge and extensive experience needed in all facets of the process. I am skilled at working with people from complete novices to web professionals. No matter your level, I can communicate clearly and effectively about your website. 

Why use WordPress?

I have discovered that WordPress is one of the most powerful but easy to use website creation and content management tools available. Themes, plug-ins, and widgets can be integrated so that your website works smoothly. It is easy to maintain and to update if you’re willing to get a little techy. WordPress works seamlessly with most web hosting companies. Since WordPress is open source, it is constantly being improved by dedicated and professional web developers. 

What Services Do I Offer?

Setting up a website is pretty simple, but if you forget a step, your website suffers. It also takes a surprising amount of time to set up and maintain a professional quality website. You may spend a month or more on your initial website and most small business owners just do not have that kind of time. Not to mention the WordPress learning curve!

Choosing the proper add-ons or widgets will expand your websites core functionality for your needs and those of your clients. The wrong one will cause you headaches, and slow down your website loading time exponentially. If your website loads too slowly, Google will penalize your search engine rankings because of it.

I will work with you to make certain each step is correct and well thought out, before you go live. Here are some of the steps you need to accomplish and how we can help. 

Domain name – this is the digital address for your company. It will look something like https://www.yourdomainname.com. Sounds simple, but it is not. You generally need to buy a domain name, otherwise it is not yours to transfer hosting sites. Think of it like the early days of cell phones. The provider owned the number, not you, so everytime you wanted to change providers, you changed phone numbers. Now you can take your phone number with you. Owning your domain name is the same thing. 

The next step is your domain designation. Are you a .com, a .org, a .edu, etc. 

And… let’s think about your domain name. There are some pretty awful ones out there full of double entendres. We’ll help you ensure you are advertising what you want to advertise!

Business email address – this needs to be professional and, again, well thought out. As your business grows, you may need more than one, so having a good email address is important.

Website Building Software – there are some clunky and unfriendly creation software available. We highly recommend you stick with WordPress loaded with a customized theme that fits your business needs perfectly. 

Website Hosting – the host is the platform that runs your website. For instance, you will design a website using WordPress but host your site on blueHost. You’ll need to decide how much traffic you expect to have because you’ll be charged for storage and bandwidth. Different hosts use different types of servers, from shared to private VPR to cloud servers. Each one has pros and cons. I personally host all my websites and my clients website on Siteground.

Website Template Design – WordPress offers some very nice, professional themes to use as  templates. I prefer to code a unique theme for each customer. You’ll find that my professionally built websites take less time to load than do the often bloated available themes. A faster loading site increases your ranking on search engines and helps move you towards the top position. 

What your business is will determine what type of setup you want. An eCommerce store won’t work well on a news-based theme. 

I will create streamlined and personalized themes that suit your business needs.  

Logo Design – Logo design might seem simple, but it is not. Your logo is a visual interpretation of your company. The more professional and well executed, the more professional your company looks. I am a digital graphic designer with an extensive portfolio. I can design, improve, or suggest ideas for your logo. 

High-Quality Images and Image Editing – Selecting too large or too small photos and images will affect the quality of your website and how quickly it loads. Too many images look cluttered and too few discourage readers. 

I know Photoshop. I can create the right images for your website and optimize them perfectly. This goes for banner ads, logos, and photography.

SEO – Search engine optimization is part of an ever changing game to get your website to appear at the top of the page. Choosing the correct terms will boost you up. The wrong ones will drop you off the charts. Choosing keywords to describe your website is also an art form. SEO is an arms race between your website and the algorithms that place your page. 

I can set up the strongest SEO and keywords for your website, using meticulous research using industry standard tools designed for Google and Bing.

Digital Marketing – Getting the word out to potential customers is important. Where do you find these people and how do you make them come to your website business. It is worth your marketing dollars to advertise on a specific social media page? 

I have spent the last decade working in digital marketing. I understand how to get the word out about your site and services. 

Google Analytics – This powerful tool will help you see who you are reaching, how they are responding, and where they are finding your website. Analytics is a powerful, if potentially confusing, tool that you need in your marketing tool kit. 

I will also set up an email capture system so you can build a customer base and market directly to your customers. Creating leads is an important way to build a customer base and your website will be ready to start building your base on the first day it goes live. 

I can set up and explain the results and can fine tune your website to reach the correct customers. WordPress offers several analytic tools that will bring you the best in data. 

Why Hire Me?

As a full service website designer and marketer, I can do all or any of your website needs. No matter what you need, I possess the skills and knowledge to build a strong, functional, professional site or advertise it online. I am comfortable working with everyone from the CEO of an existing company to the dreamer; and with people who have no web design skills all the way to professional development teams. 

One of the biggest benefits to working with a single designer and marketer instead of seperate teams is that your vision and wishes won’t get lost between different agencies. Especially someone like me who has real-world experience working in digital marketing agencies.

My Background

No matter what your website needs are, I can create or redesign and manage yours to your specifications. I can work with you on your level and help you understand your website and how to maximize it for sales and growth.  

I have spent more than 20 years designing websites for startup companies and design agencies and have recently acquired 10 years of digital marketing experience. Combine that with my graphic design talent and you do not need to work with multiple people or agencies. I have the expertise and ability to fully support your entire web presence and internet marketing.

My education includes a degree in Computer Graphic Design and several professional certificates in Front End Web Development. I learned digital marketing and SEO on my own and now manage the digital marketing for a very large financial corporation and specialize in lead generation. I’m business-minded and have experience taking companies from concept to market.

Contact me with your vision for your new company or to get your current company quickly and reasonably online with someone you can trust.

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