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I increase your organic website search traffic by performing the following traditional SEO tactics: keyword research, On-Page optimization, content creation, link building, citation building, and more.

The other main ingredient to my SEO that I do to increase your Google search rankings is analyze your website pages and posts by performing an extensive SEO content audit. The audit will analyze over 500 different rankings factors across the top 10 results and then compare those with yours.

This gives you reliable, data on what’s working right now for your specific keyword. I then work on optimizing your content according to the audit recommendations.

On-Page SEO is the optimization of individual pages in order to rank each page higher for more relevant keywords. On-Page is done both in the content and in the HTML code. Each page should be optimized for 3-5 different keyword phrases.

Yes, I’m highly experienced in creating content for both webpages and blog post articles. I create unique content that is both engaging and easy for the reader to digest.

I will set up all the necessary reporting needed to gather and collect the proper data in order to accurately track your SEO success. I do this in the beginning in order to get a good benchmark.

Keyword research is finding the popular keyword phrases that are both obtainable and high traffic, meaning people actually type those phrases in to search.

Absolutely, I examine not only your website but those of your competitors too! This helps me get a feel for the industry and what companies are optimizing their website for, and what keywords they are using.

Citations are profile listings on major websites that help contribute to local SEO. These listings are hand-built and will help with Voice Search, Mobile Impression Share, and Schema for SEO.

Once we have the proper amount high-quality content on the website, I will approach companies via email that would be likely to link to your website or blog.

Get Better Keyword Rankings

Data-Driven Content Optimization

Content Renovation

Repurpose Old content

Check if that blog post you wrote in 2018 can rank higher with little time and effort.

Find SEO errors

Get a precise list of tasks and reveal SEO mistakes based on what’s working right now for your keyword.

Analyze 1st Page Data

See the data that is currently working on the first page of Google for your search term.

Get Prominent Terms

Get a list of new words and terms to include within your content.

Accurate Keyword Density

Find out exactly how many times each keyword should be used within your content.

Content Structure

Get insights on how many paragraphs, words, and characters should be used within your document.

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